Bringing Elf Costumes to you all year round my question to you is are you ready to wake from your houses, underground lairs, wells, springs and treetops

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Elves are coming out to play all year round now lets get them elf costumes out.

Welcome to your source to finding all types of elf costumes for most of the year round and for good prices too.
Here you will find costumes for both men, women and children
So what exactly are elfs? Little men and women with pointed ears dressed in green costumes? Well not exactly the answer to what exactly elves are they are way more interesting and complex then that especially with the many different races and types of elves that exist or existed that up to you to decide.

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An elf is a mythical creature of Germanic mythology/paganism or so they say, many people believe elves existed and these tales still survive to this day in northern European folklore and actually some people believe elves still exist and hide with us today I guess with these elf costumes you can prove them right.

In the Norse mythology they were originally a race of minor gods from nature and fertility. It seems Elves are often pictured as youthful creature’s men and women of great beauty living in forests and other natural places, underground, or in wells and springs.

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They are also portrait as small girls and boys with pointed ears laughing and playing.
They are said to be very long lived humanoid creatures sometimes the standard number of living years for elves are 250 years to 559 and they seem to have magical powers attributed to them.
Following the success of J. R. R. Tolkien’s unbelievable work The Lord of the Rings they were considered wise and angelic people.

Elves play a significant role now of characters for modern fantasy you find these creatures in many games also.
Elf can be pluralized both as elves and elfs.

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But there is a lot more to this plural way of saying elf then meets the eye this is something associated with elves or the qualities of elves it’s described by the adjectives elven, elvish, elfin or elfish. The v in elven or elvish refers to human sized elves this corresponds with the mythology in the Viking Era), whereas the f in elfin or elfish refers to those tiny sized elfs that we talked about earlier some of those boys and girls grow old to be full grown women and men and with beards without gaining any height and this corresponds more with the folklore of the Renaissance and the Romantic Eras).
The Alfar type elves still live in the memory and traditions of the many peasantry of men and women in Scandinavia these traditions are sometimes passed on to their toddlers they also, to a certain extent retain their distinction into White and Black elves there are many types of elves as you will come to learn.

The former good Elves dwell in the air, dance on the grass or sit in the leaves of trees.
The Black Evil Elves are regarded as underground people, who frequently inflict sickness or injury on mankind but not all black elves are evil infact black elves maybe aren’t evil at all just like some of the white elves they can inflict curses on the human race without even wanting to humans are believed to get these strange things happen to them sometimes by simply seeing an elf but of course only a certain type of elf as this effect.
Some believe black elves are good and bad just like in humans there are bad people and good people.
The Elves are believed to also have their kings just like humans and to celebrate their weddings and banquets just the same as the dwellers above the ground.
There is an interesting intermediate class of elves in popular tradition called the Hill-people who are believed to dwell in caves and small hills when they do decide to show themselves they have a handsome human form this may also be why people get confused between the evil elves and the black elves.

The common folk in the area seem to connect with them a with deep feeling of melancholy as if bewailing a half quenched hope of redemption interesting indeed for so called evil elves, there are only a few old folks now who can tell you anything more about them or the sweet singing that may occasionally be heard on summer nights from their strange far fetched hills and caved riddled full mountains.

The Norwegians call the Elves music Huldraslaat the mountaineers sometimes play it some pretend they have learned it by listening to the so called evil underground elves among the hills and rocky caves where this music may echo from.

It is said there Is a tune called the Elf-king’s tune, among the mountaineers they say that their best several fiddlers know it very well, but they never would venture to play it for as its said that as soon as it begins to play both men and women old and young, and even inanimate objects are impelled to dance and the player cannot stop unless he possesses the great skills of playing the air backwards the only other option is if someone is strong enough to resist the curse and cut the strings from the players fiddle which is unlikely to happened if you are under such a powerful trance not to mention the fiddler wont let it be easy and will most likely put up a fight or keep its distance from anyone who tries to stop his tune.

Anyway apart from all this magic and mambo jumbo we haven’t even covered half of all the great information there is on elves and their stories like the old elf story is interesting.
With the elf costumes all you really need is to put on a smile so you can feel the strange sense of supernatural energy.
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